Initial Consultation

N30,000 for a 30-minute Consult (This will help tailor your meal plan to achieve optimal goal)
Your first consultation is to help us understand you and your health-focused goals. The aim of our initial consultations is to undertake a comprehensive nutrition assessment of you as an individual to ensure all our advice and dietary plans can be personalised to your unique needs. We will discuss your health and nutrition goals and how we can support you in achieving these. We will then work together to establish strategies and develop an individual plan to empower you to achieve your goals. We will include this in a take home pack complete with a food diary and any other relevant resources.

7-Day Computerised Food Diary Analysis and Report

N10,000 (recommended to be purchased in conjunction with a consultation to discuss results)
Our dietary analysis is conducted using industry-standard nutritional analysis providing us with comprehensive data regarding your overall energy, macronutrient, vitamin, and mineral consumption in relation to your actual bodies requirements.


N35,000 (A 21 days detailed personalized meal plan). Initial step to getting a meal plan is to book for a 30 minutes consultation

 -N30,000 (this will enable your plan to be tailored to you) but if you do not wish to go through consultation, fill out MEAL PLANNING FORM.
A sustainable meal plan tailored to you that can be used for 3/5 months with meal portions, tricks, and tips to keep you losing weight and looking healthy.

To pay for Consultation




I have experience in a wide range of areas, and specialise in the following:

Digestive Complaints
Bloating & gas
Gut issues

Fatigue & chronic fatigue
Low Energy
Blood sugar imbalances & food cravings

Speciality Diets & Allergies
Vegan, low carb, vegetarian, paleo, FODMAP
Sugar addiction
Food Allergies
Cholesterol concerns
Diabetes concerns
Reduced inflammation

Weight Management
Weight loss
Weight gain
Weight stabilization

Simple, Realistic Nutrition Plans
Menu planning
Meal prepping
Fuss free, delicious recipes

Skin Issues