This is how the size plate affect your calorie intake.

Tips of overcoming overeating

  1. Get rid of distractions such as television or pressing phone 👀 when eating
  2. Go for healthier and energy-dense food. You can’t compare rice and beans when it comes to how they fill you up. The density of beans is why you constantly drink water after eating beans.
  3. Stop restrictive eating pattern aka dieting
  4. Include more portion of non-starchy vegetable in your meals
  5. Eat fiber-rich food – legumes, pulses, oatmeal. Processed cereal is hardly filling.
  6. Stop eating from containers or pots. Mindlessly eating, from 1 spoon 🥄 to half the pot is empty. From 30g plantain chips to the entire pack. Buy smaller packs of snacks, if you’ve big packs, learn to share- greed is bad and that’s why some people are overweight.
  7. Manage stress
  8. Keep a food journal
  9. Get good sleep
  10. Eat out with like minded people – don’t go out with a glutton if you’re going to constantly rant about it.
  11. Stay off overly processed food, refined sugar and white flour.
  12. Calm down when eating, no one is coming to collect your food. Chew properly.
  13. Reduce your alcohol intake – why? It can stimulate your appetite and lower your inhibitors thereby leading to overeating
  14. Stay off fizzy drinks
  15. Eat whole fruits instead of juice. Doesn’t matter if it’s fresh orange 🍊 juice, you’ll end up drinking juice from 20 oranges instead of eating 2 oranges max. More veggie juice than fruit juice
  16. Are you really hungry or bored? Drink water first then if hunger persists, eat.
  17. Ditch the diet mentality and INSTAGRAM diet culture – most of them post food they don’t eat. Some went under the knife before being fitness influencers. Instead of focusing on them – FOCUS ON YOUR HEALTH

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