We just concluded our 14 days green challenge and believe it was worth it. I started drinking green smoothie in 2019, then I hated it but wanted to improve my health. I needed to get in more greens and fruits in my diet, and green smoothie was the answer. Since then, I enjoy green smoothie and take it as part of my daily routine. Green smoothies are filling, helps with bowel movement, mental clarity, skin repair and more. If you are interested in trying out the challenge, click HERE

Green smoothie over, what next?

The plan is to continue eating healthy while also incorporating green smoothie in your daily routine. A one-week beginners plant base meal plan will be sent to those that signed up for the challenge, look out for it in your email or spam.

A day Nigerian plant based meal plan:

BREAKFAST: 1/2 oat meal with 180g scrambled tofu or 5 akara / or replace with green smoothie

LUNCH: 1 cup cooked rice and 1/2 beans with a side of green vegetables

DINNER: Vegetable tofu sauce or stew with plantain (boiled), yam or potatoes.

SNACK(2 snack per day): 1/3 tiger nut / an apple

baked tofu and plantain, vegetable and sauce

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